Web Content Management: Document Conversion in SharePoint

SharePoint 2010 has out of box converters that convert Word, InfoPath, and XML documents to Web Pages in SharePoint.

Using document conversion to create a web page from the uploaded document in library is a simple and easy way for content authors. They do not have to worry about complexity in creating a web page and adding content to it.

Because the converter is associated with Content Types, the content author is not limited to any specific document library.

Setup Document Conversion

Following are the steps we will follow in this blog:

  1. Enable services in Central Administration.
  2. Enable Document Conversion on Web Application.
  3. Convert the document to web page.
  4. Configuring Document Converter Settings

Enable services in Central Administration.

To Enable Document Conversion you need to start following two services in central administration:

  • Document Conversions Load Balancer Service: It manages the availability of document converters and it has to be started first.
  • Document Conversions Launcher Service: It launches the document conversions on an application server.

Now, let’s get into the action and enable the services.

  1. Go to Central Administration –> System Settings –> Manage Services on Server 

  1. Start Document Conversions Load Balancer Service first and then Document Conversions Launcher Service.

Enable Document Conversion on Web Application.

Document Conversions should be enabled for each web application.

  1. In Central Administration. Go to : General Application Settings –>Configure document conversions (under External Service Connections)

Using the settings on the page you can choose the Web Application, Conversion Schedule and customize the installed converter settings.

Convert Document to Web Page:

  1. Upload document into document library on your site.
  2. Right Click the document and choose Convert Document.

  1. You will be redirected to ‘create page from document’ page .Fill the required fields and click OK.

  1. A web page from the document will be created for you.

Configuring Document Converter Settings:

Document Converters are associated with the Content Types (as stated earlier in the blog). To see

  1. Go to the site settings of your site collection.
  2. Under Galleries –>Click Site Content types
  3. Click any content type to open Content Type Settings Page.
  4. Under Settings, Click Manage document conversion for this content type.

  1. You can configure converter settings by clicking Configure click before each converter. Using these settings you can set Page Layout, location and processing settings for the converter.