Customize out-of-box Workflows in SharePoint 2010

In SharePoint 2007 out of box workflows were rigid, you cannot modify them but in SharePoint 2010 you have ability to customize out-of-box workflows using SharePoint Designer. Now, let’s get into the action and tweak the Approval Workflow a bit –

  • Open your Site Collection in SharePoint Designer (SPD). Under Navigation on left side click Workflows.

  • Right click Approval – SharePoint 2010 workflow and click Copy and Modify option.
  • Give Name to your workflow ‘Custom Approval – SharePoint 2010’ and select All in Content Type Field. Click OK.

  • You will get the below workflow editor window.

  • Let’s say that at the very end of this workflow you wish to log to the history list that the workflow has finished executing. To do that click below the line and type Log and press Enter. Click ‘ this message’ and write ‘ Workflow has finished executing’ .

  • Save the workflow.

Now, let’s remove CC field from the Initiation Form.

  • On the Ribbon click Initiation Form Parameters .
  • Click the CC in the pop-up window and modify it to Show on ‘ Association ’. Click OK

  • Save and publish the Workflow using buttons on the ribbon.

We have completed the process of customizing the out-of-workflow and removed CC field from Initiation Form. Now let’s attach this customized workflow to the list.

Create a List and Attach the customized Workflow to it
  • Open your site in browser and create a list ‘Approve Items’.
  • Go to the List Setting –>Versioning Settings. Make setting as below
  1. Content Approval – Yes
  2. Item Versioning History(optional) – Yes
  3. Draft Item Security(optional) – Only users who can approve items

  • Return to the list and you will see Approval Status column created for you.
  • In the Ribbon, under List tab à Workflow Settings à Add a Workflow
  • Select your customized workflow in Workflow section. Give Name to the Workflow.
  • Click Next.
  • Fill out the required fields and  Enable Content Approval .

  • Click Save
  • Go to your list and add an item. Check Approval Status – Pending
  • Open Item menu and click Workflows.

  • Click on your Workflow.

  • Here comes your Initiation Form with NO CC Field .

  • Start the Workflow by clicking Start button.
  • Approve the item by going back to the list. Status will change from In Progress to Approved.
  • Click on Approved Link and check the Workflow History, it has your log.