How to Fix "The webpage cannot be found" in SharePoint 2010 My Sites

Working in SharePoint 2010, it’s a common occurrence to click on someone’s account name in People and Groups to show that user’s My Site. An all-too common occurrence in this scenario involves receiving "The webpage cannot be found" response, as shown below. Seeing this response means that your server has not yet been configured for My Sites. In this article, we will take a look at how to fix this issue for your SharePoint 2010 server.


When clicking on an account name, we will be redirected to that user’s profile page, aka My Site. The problem occurs because we have not configured My Site yet.

Now let’s look at how to configure the My Site in SharePoint 2010.

How to fix:

1. Go to Central Administration then click on Create site collections:

Create a sub site with the "My Host Site" template from the "Enterprise" tab:

2. Go to Central Administration -> Manage Profile Service -> User Profile Service Application -> Setup My Sites:

Regarding the My Site Host location, Type the URL which was created in Step1, in my case:


Location: sites/mysite/Personal

3. Then go to Web Applications Management, and select port configure My Site -> Add our Managed Path:

Type the path which we created in Step 2:

Location: sites/mysite/Personal

–> Click on Add Path:

Then click on Self-Service Site Creation from the Ribbon, and select the On radio button:

4. After configuration has completed, return to home page, and go to People and Groups -> click on User name:

At this point, you will be redirected to the selected user’s My Site successfully, without an error message in sight.