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Google opens up about the future of search, serves 100 billion searches every month

The question everyone asks Google is: “What’s the future of search?”

Their answer:

Everyone who asks that question, knows the answer deep inside their heart. They’ve actually dreamt the search engine of the future already.

The way Google sees the future of search is its place as your “assistant” while you navigate the web. Many hurdles are in the way to get all of the information online to build on top of it.

On an average day, Google crawls 20B web pages a day, out of 30 trillion URLs on the web. The company now serves 100B searches every month.

The future of search will be context based and not query based, says the search team. Google wants to remind you of its Knowledge Graph product, which contains 500M things, even though it’s a “baby step” to the future of search. Google says it will show us some of the other babysteps today.

If we are going to build the search of the future, we will have to solve difficult technology issues like speech recognition and natural language.

The Google search team made 530 improvements this year already, to get it closer to the “future.”